my one ground rule.

Oh, hey.

You may remember me from a little short-lived blog project I did back in 2010 called Small Town Stilettos. Or you may not. (And at only seven posts and 777 page views in a little over two years, I’m assuming it’s most likely the latter.)

Either way, here’s my confession:

My last blog was a colossal failure.

Alright, failure may be a tad harsh. Let’s go with…deterioration? Or perhaps just lack of follow-through. Either way, I didn’t last more than seven posts – which I chalk up to the fact that I got a big-girl job and joined the fated real world. I don’t have commitment issues, I just found better (read: billable) things to spend my time on.

And, big revelation: I think my problem was that I struggled to come up with regular content on just one topic. (It was on fashion – and in Terre Haute, Ind., you can understand why. If not, just take a short trip to one of the Walmarts there. I dare you.)

So this time will be different. Swear. I’m not making promises that I’ll stick to any specific topic, just that I’ll put up content as much as I can. And I only have one ground rule:

I blog, you read. (I hope.)

I’m setting out with the goal to post something every day. It may not be mind-blowing (as I know this post isn’t), and it might just be a photo or two – but at least it will be something. Some potential topics you can expect (including but not limited to):

Social media
Food/drinks (read: wine)
My dog

Underwhelmed? Don’t worry, we’re just getting started. Ideas? Leave me a comment or send me an email. If it wasn’t frowned upon to have a drink in your hand at 2pm on a Wednesday, I’d cheers to the start of this new, terribly exciting blog. Unfortunately, all I have is this sustainable sippy cup thing (from a client) with a recently-broken straw, rendering the lid completely useless and my water consumption down about two liters a day.

But cheers anyway.


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  1. Love you and your blog!

  2. You are truly amazing! Keep writing!! Luv u

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