friday morning potpourri.

You laid awake all night thinking of what I’d wear to work today, didn’t you?

I knew it.

I won’t hold you in suspense any longer:

Tank: Forever21; pants: Pitaya; wedges: Target

Which, although the pants are a nice lightweight material, I soon discovered (as in, the millisecond I opened my front door to leave my house for work) they were not at all the appropriate attire for a 104-degree day.

Completely unrelated

This week’s song obsession is Modern Drift by Efterklang. I used to be some kind of (self-proclaimed) super awesome music discoverer of the indie/alternative scene back in my college days at Indiana State (i.e. when I had a LOT of hours in the dead of the night to kill), but now I have to settle to Shazaming music off TV shows. You know, because I’m a teleholic. So this one’s courtesy of So You Think You Can Dance, season nine, episode…the first time the top 20 were shown. AKA the one from this week.

Note on this song: I’m so in love with it (until I play it out and hate it by next week) that if this was a MySpace page (heaven forbid), I’d find a tinkly-xylophone-original-Nokia-ringtone-esq version and make it the background music to my blog.

But thank God this isn’t MySpace, right?

You’re all welcome.

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