weekend wrap-up.

I ate meat on Friday.

Without context, this isn’t a feat worth mentioning.

Context: I’ve been dabbling in pescatarianism for a few months now, and with the exception of ground turkey in spaghetti sometime in June (I really like my meat sauce spaghetti recipe), it’s the only time I’ve truly had a hankering for red, juicy meat.

Red, juicy meat in the form of a filet topped with bleu cheese crumbles and dipped in homemade horseradish sauce, to be exact. And really, I immediately regretted it.

Bessie, I’m truly sorry.

Moving on: Saturday, Boyfriend and I went to an uber fun wedding downtown. I wore this:

The reception was on the 48th floor of the Chase Tower, and the view looked like this (my iPhone camera out a window doesn’t really do it justice, so use your imagination):

Ah, I love Indy.

Today, Boyfriend and I went to church for the first time since Easter (yes, we somehow had let ourselves turn into C & E-ers. Stopping that trend now.), went grocery shopping and laid around all afternoon watching the first five episodes of Mad Men. We’ve finally succumbed to the peer pressure.


Gosh, we’re interesting people.

Completely unrelated

In Crazy, Stupid, Love. there’s this fantastic line from Julianne Moore to Kevin Bacon:

“David, you know what? You’ve been a great friend, and you noticed last month when I got my hair trimmed and that was huge.”


I mean – bravo, screenwriters. That line could not be more true: What girl doesn’t want a guy to notice when she makes even the slightest change to her appearance?

But then I realize I hardly ever notice when Boyfriend gets a haircut, and his always look somewhat substantially different, so either I have the eyes (slash attention span) of most men orno one’s really that great at paying attention.

I prefer the latter.

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  1. You looked amazing! Bet boyfriend noticed that!

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