a fourth of july in photos.

Made it through Fourth of July 2012 with no fireworks. Success.

Meanwhile, a photo recap:

Contrary to what you see here (and in a substantial number of the photos below), I did actually hang out with people. Call it artsy photography. Or that no one wants their photo taken when 100 degrees and sweaty.
I cal this photo “Ode to Our 1984 Plastic Folding Lounge Chairs.”
Mojito. We don’t mess around.
See? I told you! People!
Also: I don’t believe we’ve ever looked more white trash than with our 1984 Plastic Folding Lounge Chairs, inflatable pool in dead grass and an army of patio furniture in the lawn. Neighbor Billy (pictured left, above) even broke out the PBR.
Then we switched to sangria.
Then Boxer Hallace, Puppy Preston’s new friend (on some days), showed up and slobbered everywhere.
Puppy Preston begged me to take his glamour shots. I tried to put them off – he wasn’t at his best on such a hot day, of course – but he wouldn’t listen. We’ll call this a practice round.
As if we didn’t already eat and drink enough (Fourth of July might be the new Thanksgiving), we had this.
Yup, it’s a fantastic-looking and -tasting cake. Because we’re ‘Murican.
And nope, I didn’t make it. Can’t take the credit for this masterpiece.
Boyfriend of course had to tell Neighbor Erica how to properly cut it.
His wise wisdom: “You’re cutting it wrong.”
What’s an ‘Murican holiday without Trivial Pursuit?
Update: I just found out (as in, Boyfriend affectionately offered up the information), I allegedly force people into playing Trivial Pursuit at every single party I host.
Warning to future guests: We will play Trivial Pursuit. Unless you bring Wii Jeopardy.
And we’re spent.

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  1. There’s a Wii Jeopardy???? When are you having me over?

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