an artsy-fartsy saturday + weekend wrap-up.

I’m really bad at being off work.

I took Friday off, and although we did this at Boyfriend’s parents house,

I couldn’t stop checking for work email to come through (and subsequently answering said emails). I really, really like the thought of unplugging, but I just don’t know if my nerves would take it.

And here I am on a supposedly lazy Sunday afternoon, stomach in knots over the to-do list dooming my coming work week. Oh, to have a stress-free job.

Le sigh.

But onto my Saturday.

Mama came up for a visit, which meant delicious food (including first-time visits to First Watch and Barking Dog Cafe, a recent Triple D feature), striking out at shopping and a spontaneous DIY art evening.

You’re dying to see our projects – I can already tell. So I won’t hold you in suspense any longer.



Yes, Boyfriend joined in the fun. He opted for the ever-popular Pinterest crayon melt.

Materials needed:
1 canvas, size of your choosing
1 box of 64 crayons (plus or minus a few, depending on the size of your canvas and color choices)
1 hot glue gun + glue sticks
1 piece of cardboard as long as the canvas
1 hairdryer
A smidgen of patience

Step one: Pick your crayon colors and grab a hot glue gun. Although most crayon melt creations have you glue the crayons directly onto the canvas, we didn’t want them stuck on there – so we opted to glue them onto a piece of cardboard instead.
Step two: Hold the cardboard and crayons over the canvas and plug in your hairdryer. Hold the hairdryer directly on top of the crayons until they start to melt. Artist’s tip: Do this outside or use a drop cloth under the canvas – dripping crayons have their own prerogative.
Random thought: Melty crayon tips look like gnome noses.
Aaaand voila! Boyfriend didn’t have the patience to hold the hairdryer on the crayons long enough for them to drip down to the bottom of the canvas (and it was burning my thumbs while in my role of Cardboard Holder, so made the editorial decision to flip the canvas over and do another drip in the opposite direction. Artist’s tip: Flip the cardboard around (facing the canvas, not you) so your colors match up (unless you’re looking for a mirror-image photo. Who knows – try it, you might like it.).



My uber creative mother decided “to hell with the usual DIY projects” (my words, not hers) and decided to freehand her own birds on a branch design (loosely based off Googling images).

Materials needed:
3 canvases, assorted sizes
1 paint color for canvas background
2-3 acrylic paint colors for branches and birds
A decent amount of artistic talent

Step one: Paint the background color of your choosing (this color is ‘dolphin cove,’ the same as Boyfriend’s and my living room walls); let canvases dry. Artist’s tip: If you paint outdoors on a 106-degree day, drying time is incredibly short. As in five minutes.
Step two: Lightly trace the outline of your branches and birds (unless you’re confident enough in your artistic abilities to just freehand it with paint). Mama used a crayon as no pencil was found in our house after a good ten minutes of rifling through office supplies. Then grab your paintbrush and show off your skills.
Step three: Admire your work.



After lots of Googling, Pinteresting and mental debating, I chose a slightly labor-intensive tape project based off this tutorial. Note: If you’re going to try this creation, use that tutorial link, not mine. Hers is mucho better (both in instructions and finished project).

Materials needed:
1-2 canvases, size of your choosing (Artist’s tip: If I do this again, I’ll probably do it on just one canvas that’s a little bigger.)
1 neutral color for the “grouting”
3-5 paint colors of your choosing
Not-too-thick painter’s tape
Lots of time on your hands

Step one: Paint your canvas a random design using your pretty paint colors. Artist’s tip: Don’t use colors here that are too close to the neutral color you choose, or the grouting won’t stand out in that area. Let dry.
Steps two, three & four: So here’s where I sucked at capturing the tutorial in photos. For step two, refer to the linked tutorial above. Really, you just put slabs of painter’s tape at 45-degree angles and alternate the direction – again, refer to the tutorial. Sorry for slacking. Step three: After all the paint is in place, pull off a few random pieces of tape for a more vintage-y feel. Step four: Paint the remaining open spaces with your neutral color, shown above. (Yes, I realize, I documented the easiest step of the whole process. Sorry.) Let dry.
Steps five & six: Pull off the tape, and voila! Step six: Scrunch up a paper towel, dab it in the neutral paint color and smudge it onto the painting randomly for a distressed look.
Another look.

And finally…


Mama and Me


Materials needed:
4 4×4-inch canvas squares
Assorted paint colors
Pieces of cut-out sponges

Mama’s coasters.
My coasters.

Thus ends our artsy-fartsy weekend. I still have paint under my nails. Ah, memories.

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