look ma, no hair.

Today, I started the process to achieve a life-long (read: a few years-long) dream.

Laser. Hair. Removal.

I’d looked into it in college, but alas, I was, of course, the cliche broke college student. (Not that I’m rolling in the money right now or anything, but you know. It’s a step up from my college bank account. We’ll leave it at that. Don’t ask me for money.)

But I’ve been on a radio rotation for my commute to work (I’m sure I’ll be back to my I-can-only-stand-my-iPod-music rotation in a month or so, but it works for now) and have been hearing all these super annoying (albeit effective) radio commercials for this place called Ideal Image here in town.

And I’m not kidding when I say they must have spent a fortune in radio spots  – the ads are on at least once an hour on multiple stations, and as a PR person, I know what buying radio spots cost. Let’s just say they seem to have money to spend.

Anyway, they’re having this crazy 50% off promotion going for the summer, so I at least decided it couldn’t hurt to put in an inquiry online for a free consultation.

Except I forgot how easy it is to sell me things.

I walk in for the consultation, and everyone is super nice. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (to Boyfriend, not on here) – even if the product isn’t super great, give me impeccable service, and I’ll buy pretty much anything you’ve got.

Hence why I’m sitting here on my couch, fresh off my first laser hair removal treatment.

The process in photos:

Who’s ready to be hairless? This girl.
Here’s the laser machine, the not all that uncomfortable bed thing, the aloe and baby wipes to clean your to-be-removed-of-hair-areas, the sexy glasses you get to wear during the lasering process and, I found out, star-shaped stress balls to squeeze if it gets to be too “uncomfortable”. Probably should have used those.
The before photo. Don’t mind my sickly-looking feet.

A few potentially little-known facts to mention:

1. It took longer and hurt more than I expected. Hear me out: I was, for some reason, expecting some kind of big, painless, laser-y ‘whoosh’ and then I’d be immediately hair-free. Not the case. It took about an hour total for my legs (and bikini line, shh), and the tech has to touch the laser to your skin in every single little place that they’re cauterizing off the hair. (See the terms I learned? I’m big-time now.) But there’s also this little puff of cooling agent stuff right as the laser is going onto your skin, so it’s like let’s burn and cool it at the same time to confuse the follicles, and your skin ends up like a tween going through puberty (i.e. it doesn’t know what to feel.). In some areas, I couldn’t really feel it too much, just like a bug was jumping from one part of my leg to another. In other, shall we say, sensitive areas, however, I could feel EVERYTHING.


2. The hair is still there, for now. Interestingly enough, I guess I’ll be going through a ‘shedding’ process for the next 7-21 days while the current hair falls out. Which makes me feel like a molting Iago.

3. I won’t be hair-free for life for another 18-ish months. Some hair removal places I’d read about (during an intensive laser hair removal Googling sesh, of course) say it only takes four to six treatments. Holly, my Ideal Image tech, said those places can’t guarantee permanent hair removal because of that and because, evidently, their equipment isn’t up to par. So watch out for those. But I have eight more treatments to go through, each two months apart. And as long as I do the treatments every eight weeks as suggested, I’ll be hair-free from the after-the-7-to-21-day-molting, through the rest of the treatments and, bum-ba-da-daaaaa! For the rest of my life.


Note: I actually tried to be better about documenting the process in photos this time, but Holly poo-poohed it. Something about phones and lasers not being on good terms. For the sake of my already-needs-to-be-replaced iPhone, I believed her.

Questions? Comments? Don’t worry, I’ll be updating you along the way in much detail.

You’re welcome.


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  1. Each one of these blogs gets more hilarious by the week. Awesome 🙂

  2. Lauren Bringman July 11, 2012 — 7:27 pm

    Loving this!

  3. I have actually done laser in the past, with a not-so-awesome place, but was still pleased with the results for what we paid (it’s probably not cool to mention that it was a gift from my husband, he used a GROUPON for said gift and it was for facial, not leg hair…) I am SO glad you posted this because this fall, I plan to go back under the laser and have it completed correctly. The one thing I’ve always heard is that it’s not good to laser in the summer when your skin is getting sun. Did they warn you about that?

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