weekend wrap-up + vampire wine.

This weekend, we went to Wisconsin, where there’s lots of cheese.

Lots of cheese.

We tried out the local cuisine.

Texas Roadhouse. In Wisconsin.

Then we hung out at the beach.

The beach.

And took cliche photos of our feet in the sand.

An aforementioned cliche photo of our feet in the sand.

Later, friend Mike ran a half Ironman. Though it’s called a ‘half,’ it’s all the way badass.

This is how he prepared.

Notice the suspicious spot on the wall. It’s why Boyfriend (a.k.a. Crew Chief) will henceforth be in charge of travel arrangements.

First, he started out in the water for the swim portion.

Mike. In the water.

Then, he got out of the water.

Mike. Coming out of the water.

Then, he got onto a bike. Personally, I’d be super tired by then and would have collapsed for about 48 hours. But that’s just me.

Mike. Getting onto a bike.

Then, he got off the bike.

Mike. Getting off his bike.

Then, he started a half-marathon. Which is 13.1 miles. Which is really just silly, if you ask me. (Mike didn’t.)

Mike. Running a half-marathon.

Then, he finished the whole thing.

Mike. Finishing the whole thing.

And then he drank a Sam’s Cola to recover.

Mike. Drinking a Sam’s Cola to recover.

And then we came home. The people in Wisconsin weren’t very nice. I don’t fancy going back soon.

Sorry, all you Nice Wisconsians out there.


But onto another topic.

If there’s anything better than drinking wine while watching vampires (like Alexander Skarsgard, obviously) is…

Wait for it…

Drinking Vampire Wine.

Vampire wine. Genius.

Couldn’t you just die? If only the bottle would have a photo of Alexander Skarsgard on it, then I could just stare at the label while drinking said Vampire Wine.

We’ll get there eventually.

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