that one time my mother got a pacemaker.

Back in January, completely out of the blue, Daddy found out he had lots of blockages in his arteries and had to undergo quadruple (it ended up being a triple, though) bypass surgery. It all happened really quickly – as in, he went to the doctor Friday morning for a regular appointment, had tests run that afternoon, was admitted into the hospital that night and had the surgery Sunday morning.

Now, as previously mentioned, Mama had to (also unexpectedly) have a pacemaker put in. This time we had an entire week to plan and prepare.

However, two days (or, in Daddy’s case, a week) in the hospital is still time in the hospital. And I haven’t even been the patient.

Needless to say, hospitals and I are on very close terms.

So onto the photo montage of today’s events.

The morning begins.

Mama, walking back to the pre/post cath lab to start the process. Look at that smile.
The stunning array of beds in the pre/post cath lab.
Mama’s personal “room” (read: a small bed surrounded by a very un-soundproof curtain).
Big sis and my reaction to being yelled at by the nurse on duty for doing absolutely nothing but being beautiful. #jealous
Mama’s dazzling hospital gown. Sorry, no nudity. This is a family show.
Oh, yah? Only one chair for two visitors?
Yup, those are TWO chairs. What’s up now, sign?
Then Mama got an IV. Hence the wince.
But be careful: She’s at risk for falling. Next stop: LifeAlert necklace.
She should know better than to sit that close to the television.
And, she’s off.
But wait! Are those…three chairs? In one room? My goodness, I’m surprised the building didn’t cave in from the chaos.
And then they really left for the procedure. If this were me, I’d require the nurse guy do a slow motion run while this played over the loudspeaker.

And then we had time to kill. First stop: coffee.

The Grand Traverse Pie Company. There aren’t many gems in Terre Haute, but this is one of them. Because, I mean, it’s a place serving pie.

Then, Daddy read the newspaper in the lobby/waiting area.

Article: Snoop Dogg’s switch to Snoop Lion. Daddy was relieved to hear this news, believe me.

Then, I read my horoscope. And again, I felt slightly betrayed. And offended.

Small doses of my personality? I just can’t honestly believe that would be on anyone’s wish list.

Then, a nurse came out and brought Big Sis and I into a “consultation room” that was locked with a key code thing (sounds slightly sketchy to me). She didn’t say a word, just put us in there and left.

Big Sis feeling awkward after the nurse locked us in the “consultation room.”

We waited approximately 20 minutes, passing the time watching Olympic cycling and practicing our bloody horrible British accents along with the announcer. If you’re wondering, Bradley Wiggins won the race. (You weren’t. Except maybe Friend Mike, a cycler.)

I also found out Big Sis used to think (as in, until we talked about it this morning) that water polo was the same thing as regular polo except in water.

As in, the players rode horses, in the water, while playing polo.

And she imagined the horses had uncomfortable looks on their faces, like in movies when horses have to swim in the water and look uncomfortable.

That’s my sister.

But then, dum-da-da-dummmmmm! It was finished.

Post-op. Looking good.

So now we’re here at the hospital until tomorrow, so Mama can be monitored every hour to make sure she still works correctly. But if she gets bored, she has this killer view to stare at:


Mama is doing well. She’s currently eating chocolate.

Thanks to everyone who’s been asking, thinking and praying for our family – love you all!

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