weekend wrap-up + what to do in boyfriend’s absence.

This weekend, my lifelong friend and college roommate Lindsay got married.

And I somehow have zero good pictures of the beautiful bride in her gorgeous dress.


However, I did snap a shot of her Reception Toms.

The comfortable and eco-friendly bride. Smart.

And lots of non-bride photos. (Sorry, Linds.)

Post-wedding, pre-reception. I’m surrounded by Kelseys.
Friends Laci and Megan.
“Let’s make sexy faces.”
“We’re cool because we’re wearing props but acting like we don’t care.”
Those aren’t her real lips. Or facial hair.
“Err, it’s hot.”
“Aack, it’s really hot.”

Then we went out in good ol’ Terre Haute.

Let’s just say: I thought about taking morning after pictures just for documentation purposes, but there’s no way they would have been Internet appropriate. Or even remotely attractive.

And I may or may not still be slightly hungover.

Ah, aging.

Moving on.

Boyfriend’s currently traveling the West Coast, which means I spend my non-work time doing things like:

– At-home facials.

BREAKING: I don’t look good in a facial mask.

– At-home manicures.

It takes a lot of equipment to prep these digits.
I don’t mean that as gross as it sounds.
See? Lots of time on my hands. And stripes. Ha.

– At-home puppy photo booths.

He’s snuggling. With his bone. I. Could. Die.
Do you see that face? Look at that face.
Sweepy Puppy.
He loves me.

– Justify not working out by saying I’m still recovering from going out. Which is a lie, I totes could have ran today. But opted for pizza instead.

Le sigh.

Rodeo weekend starts in four days – prepare yourselves.


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  1. Let’s be honest: no pictures of Terrible Haute are ever Internet-appropriate.

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