my daily mental conversation on running.

10:00pm, the previous evening.

Hey, self: Why don’t you set your alarm early so you can get up and run before work?


One snooze, and you’re out of bed.


It’s okay. You can hit snooze again and still have time for a run before you have to get in the shower.


You can run after work.


Why did you set your alarm so early?


7:00. At 7:00, you’re getting up. No excuses.


7:15. At 7:15, you’re getting up. No excuses.

8:15am, driving to work.

You should have run this morning.


Can’t wait to get home and go for a run!


Look at you, eating a healthy lunch. Definitely going to help your run tonight.


You should drink another cup of coffee so you’re energized to run after work.

5:15pm, leaving the office.

Just a mile and a half tonight. You deserve a break.

5:30pm, sitting in traffic.

You can go another day without running, right? You’ll be fine.

6:00pm, on couch, watching TV, drinking wine.

You’ll run tomorrow. Before work. Set your alarm.

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