some breaking news + a weekend wrap-up.

This just in: Boyfriend is running my first-ever 5k with me.

If I were smart or even, I don’t know, considerate, I would have asked him to run it with me when I signed up. But I guess I just figured he wouldn’t want to.

So when I was telling him this morning that I was nervous to run it alone, imagine my surprise when he, without me even asking (or begging), offered to run it with me.

It’s the week of the race.

Of course I replied yes, but then I immediately felt a little guilty. I mean, now he won’t have time to train.

Boyfriend: Um, babe, it’s only three miles.

Yup, it sure is. Just three miles. Three little-bitty tiny miles.

That I couldn’t even imagine doing at the start of the summer.

That took me about a month to build up to.

But, you know, it’s just three miles. And I’m happy I don’t have to run it solo. And that Boyfriend agreed we shouldn’t race against each other because I’m slow and wouldn’t win.

I’m a lucky gal.

So onto a wrap-up of the weekend.

This weekend was fun but pretty low-key, which I’m all for. Here’s a quick recap:


Preston played a fun game of “Hey, I’m sleeping here” mixed with “You don’t really think you’re getting up, do you?” resulting in this:

I can’t handle his cuteness.

I broke out my winter slipper booties (Big moment for me.).

Welcome back, guys.

And Boyfriend and I had a lovely dinner with friends.


I ran seven miles (my longest yet!) at a pace of 9.8/mile. I’m pretty sure I was closer to the 9.5/mile mark for the first five to six, but the last mile killed me. And my pace. But I’m still super proud of myself, which you can see by this uber-flattering photo I took of myself post-race.

Probably won’t be framing this one.

Boyfriend and I took a trip to Costco with his stepmom. My favorite sample was smoked salmon with Boursin cheese on a bagel thin thingy. I think I could probably recreate that one.

Later, Boyfriend and I had a game night with Friends Kyle and Michelle and The John Montgomery. Bonuses of the evening included QT with Baby Lucy (and, okay, Kyle/Michelle/The John Montgomery, too), sweatpants, learning a new game, rum punch.

Baby Lucy.
The John Montgomery.
This game involving strategery and train routes. I didn’t win either hand, but I also didn’t come in last, which for my first go-round, I consider a success. But watch out next time.


Boyfriend went to the Colts game, so Preston and I had a Sleepy Sunday. In other words, he slept, and I watched ungodly amounts of TV (including the rest of season three of Vampire Diaries. Don’t worry, I already marked it on my iCal to DVR the season four premiere.).

Call me competitive, but Preston always wins at Sleepy Sunday.

Then, Boyfriend let me watch The Emmys in its entirety, including the the whole however-many-hours-long E! Red Carpet countdown thing beforehand.

Gosh, he should probably get a medal or something. For the whole weekend. And, you know, just being patient with me in general.

Thanks, Boyfriend.

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  1. How am I not noticing this post until now? Or did i noice it before but have just forgotten? Oy vey. We need to play some more trains again in the near future 🙂 hope you kids are having a good week!!

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