friday freewrite: some thoughts on preston’s cuteness.

I really hope Preston doesn’t know how cute he is.

I’d be really disappointed if he was one of those horribly cocky dogs strutting around all like, “Hey, you know I’m adorable. And I know I’m adorable. So let’s hang out and talk about my adorableness.” Which would then, honestly, decrease his adorableness, simply based on the fact that he knows he’s adorable and isn’t just calling attention to it – he’s desperately begging for comments on it to said adorable face.

Come on, we all know the type. The conversation usually goes something like “Yah, he’s cute, but he knows it, so…” It’s a clear indication of a relationship that wouldn’t work out, so there’s no reason to waste time trying.

Like pugs, for instance. I just have this inkling that pugs have slight tendencies to be dramatic, the Shrek-like Prince Charmings of the canine world, knowing they’re cute and important, which makes me like them not quite as much simply based on their assumed level of over-confidence and general likability. (No offense, Jason. And Barb, you pitiless pug.)

I’m not trying to attack the entire pug breed, or purport that every single pug in the world thinks/acts in such an egotistical manner. And it’s not their fault, per se. Nor does it force me to treat them any differently than others dogs that aren’t mine, except with much less affection due to the fact that they aren’t my Preston.

Nor does it, really, affect me at all.

But if Preston fit that profile, I could no longer glow over his ridiculously, heartmeltingly, angelic little face and would instead have to regard him with the proper amount of cool indifference it takes to handle such arrogant people pups.

Here’s to your suspected humility and innocence, little Presty. You’re the cutest dog I’ve ever seen.

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