30-day hair challenge, part two.

Last week, I kicked off my 30-day hair challenge. If you missed part one (how dare you?!), view it here.

Wednesday was my first day back to work after the stomach flu, so I’ll be honest: It wasn’t my best work hair-wise.

Day five

French braids to pony.

Gosh, this photo makes my nose look pointy.

Notes: I like this style a lot better from the sides than the front. I also didn’t really wear makeup that day, so I kind of looked…still sick. It was definitely one of those “Wow, you look tired.” days.

Day six

Sea salt beach waves with a twist.

But first:

On day six, my life was forever changed.

Why? I started using this sea salt spray (literally it’s like spraying the ocean on your hair) called Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray.

I have some kind of natural curl/wave (perhaps the remnants from my one and only horrid perm freshman year?), but it usually takes some working/a handful of products to do the whole “scrunching” thing.

Never again, now that I have this surf spray stuff. Literally, I think it’s angels’ spit bottled up and delivered straight from the Heavens.

Thanks, God.

So anyway, this is from just washing it, spraying the surf spray, doing a little scrunching action, letting it dry a bit and then using the diffuser. Super easy.

With the twist (just on one side):

Notes: Sigh. In love.

Day seven

Fishtail half crown.

I can’t stop using the surf spray – even if I wasn’t looking for a full-out curly ‘do, I’d use it to give my fine hair a little extra texture, which will prove very helpful in the coming days when I tackle some more intricate braids.

Notes: This guy’s similar to the braided half crown from part one, but I switched it out for a fishtail instead. Fairly easy to execute (I had a little trouble getting them to meet and fasten at the back). May or may not try again.

Ready to move on? Check out part three.

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