30-day hair challenge, part three.

Welcome to part three of my 30-day hair challenge. If you’re playing catch-up, view part one here and part two here.

Day eight

Low rolled ‘do.

Notes: I followed this tutorial, and I’m kind of ‘eh’ about this one. Tutorials are great for inspiration, not always great in practice. In this case, The girl’s really light hair makes the roll stand out more. I feel like mine’s a little ho-hum.

Day nine

Sea salt waves with double twists.

Notes: This guy’s pretty similar to day six; just added another twist. Also loved this one.

Day ten

Half-up hair bow.

Notes: This guy has gotten the most feedback on Facebook/Twitter so far. I followed this tutorial for awhile (read: the first eight tries), then kind of ended up just doing my own (similar) thing. It took lots of patience, but ended up looking pretty impressive, I must say.

Day eleven

Twists to fishtail.

Notes: Inspiration: this photo. I couldn’t really get a good shot of this one, and I’m not all that crazy about it. It was pretty easy to execute, but ended up looking a little flat. Meh.

Day twelve

Half-up French twist.

As this hairstyle started falling out before I even left the bathroom, I changed it into this guy:

French twist to wrapped pony.

Notes: Inspiration: this photo (again, couldn’t quite get it there. Boo.). Took a few tries to get the twists to hold, but at least it stays in better than version 1. Overall, I’m not really thrilled with this day’s hair.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Leave me some comments.

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