a wine-der-ful weekend wrap-up. (yup, i went there.)

Like pretty much every other person on the planet (read: Midwestern bloggers/Twitterers), I love fall. I love the weather, the leaves, the scents, anything pumpkin (sans the pie) and especially the festivals.

I don’t, however, love that fall seems to be trying to skip over itself and jump into winter. I see what you’re doing there, sir, and I don’t appreciate it. Give me another month or so.

That being said, this was pretty much an awesome fall weekend.

What I forgot to tell you from last week.

Last Monday, Boyfriend and I went to a lovely dinner at the house of some friends (eggplant lasagna: yum.), where we happened across another new game. Yup, that’s two new games in about a month, meaning Christmas basically came early for me this year.

The game: Hedbanz.

Source: Amazon.

So basically it’s Twenty Questions mixed with the drinking game where you lick a card and stick it to your forehead then have to guess what it is (or, you know, drink), but some genius decided to actually make the plastic headband pieces so it’s a tad more hygienically-friendly. And you get to look as sexy as this:

It actually took him a lot longer to guess this one than originally anticipated. Which slightly upped the fun factor.

And this:

And this:

I won, so I really liked the game.

And onto the weekend.

I took Friday off work, so Thursday was really my Friday. After work, I ran nine miles (and, um, pretty much almost died. From running, not from any dangerous happenstances.), then had a quick wine night with some lovely ladies from college (that I had to leave early from because I was dying.).

On Friday, I finally got fitted for running shoes. I figured it was time because I bruised one (and really, really hurt two more) of my toenails during my nine-miler and could barely walk in my regular running shoes anymore.

Turns out, I was wearing one and a half sizes too small. And slightly over-pronating. Ah, the wonders of technology.

Friday night, Boyfriend, Puppy and I made the trek back to my hometown (after stopping for a nice dinner with Mama). Then the fun really began.

The awesomeness that was Saturday.

Saturday morning, I ran a 5k with my cousin Brad and Uncle Mark.

I’ve really got to do something about those eyebrows.

Dear Cousin threatened me via Facebook post before the race (this is a direct quote):

Just so you know, if you beat me in the 5k this weekend im cutting ur hair off and then ur hair challenge will be a lot trickier to finish!

As I’m pretty attached to my hair and hair challenge, I let him win by about a minute. Boys.

Anyway, my target was 25:00, and I came in unofficially (as in, the timekeepers wrote our times on pieces of paper after we came across the finish line, so the accuracy is questionable. But come on, it’s rural Illinois.) at 24:35, more than a minute faster than last week’s 5k. So I was pretty okay with that.

My strong finish.

To recover from the race, we headed to the wine festival. Where there was lots and lots of wine.

This stunning piece of artistry brought to you by Brother-in-Law.

Boyfriend and I, enjoying local wine.
Yup, you guessed it. I enjoyed local wine with Brother-in-Law, too.

And festival food.

“Bracie’s Big Fish” from Fat Boy’s Fixin’s.

Then later that night, Daddy, Boyfriend and I headed on over to Llama’s, the new local watering hole, where Boyfriend and I spilled the secret to the townsfolk that Daddy had shaved his mustache about a week ago (and, erm, no one noticed. Myself included.).

What a good looking daddy, no?

Logically, I drew him a new one.

Then, Sunday, we came home. In all, I declare it a pretty fantastic weekend.

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  1. Wasn’t there a version of this game on the Nickelodeon show “What Would You Do?”

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