30-day hair challenge, part four.

Catching up? See parts one, two and three of my 30-day hair challenge.

Day thirteen

Full hair bow.

Notes: Inspired by this photo. Like the half-up hair bow, this one took some definite patience – but ended up cute in a messy, I’m-not-trying-hard-to-look-cute kind of way. Overall, I’m a fan.

Day fourteen

French braided headband.

Notes: I’ve done this look before but was reminded of it by Big Sister’s updo for a recent wedding she was in. Difficulty: moderately easy.

Day fifteen

Top knot.

Notes: Another of my go-to styles when not in a hair challenge. Similar to the braided top knot from day four, this guy’s super easy to do: high pony, twist into bun, pin. My tip for staying power: Substitute Goody’s spin pins for regular bobbies.

Day sixteen

Double twists to low bun.

Notes: A la Blake Lively, this style was easy to execute, looked great from the front and stayed in place all day. Rating: Satisfied.

Questions? Suggestions? Leave me thoughts in the comments below.

Also: Off to Boston for work through Wednesday, so the hair challenge will potentially be on hold until Thursday. Patience, Iago.

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