introducing: your new resident how-to girl.

Guys, I’m officially Kate Hudson.

Well, almost. I’m officially similar to a character Kate Hudson once played, which is probably the closest I’m going to get to celebrity-dom.

Andie Anderson, Composure Magazine‘s resident how-to girl. See the resemblance?

Starting this week, I’m joining the blogging team at as the resident hair how-to girl.

Each week, I’ll be posting tutorials of my own styles (which I can conveniently pull my from 30-day hair challenge), Pinterest and celeb ‘dos. And I’m definitely up for suggestions, so leave me some in the comments or Tweet me.

Oh, and if you’re looking for some Halloween ideas, check out (and/or enter) MBFH’s Halloween Inspiration Pinterest Contest to win some killer Kenra hair products (and a free stylist consultation!).

Here’s to good hair!


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  1. Mega Score for MyBestFriend’sHair!! So excited for you…and for me- to reap the sloppy seconds of your hairstyles;)

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