30-day hair challenge, part five.

Just stopping by? See parts one, two, three and four of my 30-day hair challenge before you begin.

Day seventeen

Flat iron curls.

Notes: Ever since Big Sister taught me how, I’ve never gone back to curling with a curling iron. (Although I do want to try that wand thing sometime soon. Christmas idea, ahem…anyone? Anyone?) Flat iron curls stay SO much longer for me than ever did with a curling iron, so I highly recommend these.

Day eighteen

Headband hair-wrap.

Notes: Inspiration: this photo and Mrs. Packard (also as seen on Pinterest). Notes: It was okay. I thought it was going to fall out half the time…and probably more suited for a boho-esq outdoor concert festival than the office.

Day nineteen

Fishtail to fishtail.

Notes: Inspiration: this photo. Didn’t mind it, but another hairstyle better suited for outdoor activities/summer than business attire at work.

Day twenty

Halo braid.

Notes: I’ve always loved this style, and it’s a lot easier to do than it looks. For a tutorial, check out my (first-ever!) post on MyBestFriendsHair.com here.

Day twenty-one

Upside-down French braid to messy bun.

Notes: Inspiration: this photo. Cute, but just looks like a messy bun from the front. Much more casual style.

Questions? Suggestions? Hit me up below.


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  1. I secured the be-jeezus out of that headband hair wrap style. I actually think it would be easier to create the style WITHOUT the headband (just tuck and pin the hair). A very cute look, but I agree–I kind of felt like I need to be running around barefoot with a long hippie skirt.

  2. I use a curling wand now, because I never mastered the curling iron (always end up clamping ends…I’m a hair klutz). I’d recommend it–easy and has a unique look depending on how you use it. Just wrap and voila!

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