this game about trains.

Now, I’m no Sheldon Cooper when it comes to trains,

but I’m abnormally obsessed with this game called Ticket to Ride. (Thanks, Michelle and Kyle.)

Coincidentally, it’s also the most difficult game to explain out of practically every other game out there.

Explaining the rules usually goes something like this:

“So there’s this game about trains and the board is a map of the United States and the bottom of Canada and the big cities are marked and between each city are a certain number of train cars that you have to fill in – wait, let me back up – so before you start, everyone gets two or three route cards that they have to complete to get points, so like New York to Miami or Chicago to New Orleans, and you draw cards each turn to stockpile the different colors of trains to play the routes between the cities – oh yeah, the cars between cities are color-coded, and each turn you draw cards with the colored trains on them in order to play them, forgot to mention – and you get points depending on the number of train cars between each city, like there’s only one car between Vancouver and Seattle, so that’s only one point, but there are six cars between LA and El Paso, so that’s 15 points. But it’s really about being strategic, like you have to decide if you want to draw more colored train car cards or if you want to play cars between cities before someone else plays that route and screws you out of it. And there are no dice. Get it? It’s super fun, swear.”

Oh, and it was $50. Fifty dollars for a freaking board game.

Why yes, we did buy it anyway. For $50.

So you better believe we’re playing it the next time I see you. All of you.

It’s super fun, swear.


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  1. We have this game! You’re only the third family I know to own it! And yes, we love it, too.

  2. Such a great explanation (though you missed the part about the locomotives and the gray routes) 🙂

    Can’t wait to play again. So lucky to have found another couple who shares our live for game night!

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