my holiday obsession confession

My name is Hannah, and I’m an obsessive Christmas gift giver.

(Hi, Hannah.)

I’m not exactly sure when my story begins: maybe in college, when I was a server at a higher-end steakhouse and we brought in some pretty freakin’ good money (especially around the holidays), and it was such a change from being an unemployed college student that I couldn’t help myself.

Or maybe it was after I graduated and actually had a steady paycheck for the first time in…ever.

Or maybe it was went Boyfriend and I first started dating (ah, nostalgia) and I realized how much fun it is to shop for those you love and surprise them with things they didn’t even think about receiving.

Or maybe it’s just a woman thing (guys/gals, can you confirm or negate?).

Unknown timeline aside, I love seeking out, buying, wrapping and giving Christmas gifts.


Here’s why:

1. I’m a really good listener. Maybe not always on everyday details, but drop a phrase along the lines of “I wouldn’t mind having…” or “It’d be nice to have a…” and I. Am. On. It.

2. I’m slightly OCD and am a slave to to-do lists, so I can’t not mark something off someone’s Christmas list. If Mama’s got a gift covered for Boyfriend, great – I don’t always have to do the buying, but I do have to make sure each item is fulfilled.

3. I love spreadsheets. I freaking love spreadsheets. And when I can combine spreadsheets with Christmas lists…bada bing, bada boom.

I’m not going to walk around saying I don’t care about getting any presents – let’s be real. Who doesn’t love presents? But honestly, I absolutely love figuring out those unobvious-but-desired gift ideas and totally surprising people just as much as getting them something they’ve been openly craving for months.

Ohhhhh, myyyyyy goddddddddddddd, I’m getting giddy just thinking about it.

They’re going to be so SURPRISED.

I’m so FREAKIN’ excited.


…and also just with Christmas in general. And yes, I did match my nails to our Christmas tree. Thanks for noticing.


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