hannah homemaker.

This past weekend, Boyfriend and I threw a Christmas dinner party for a few friends.

In a word, it went well. In two, it was epicly awesome (also the title of our invitation).

We all know I can’t cook, so I graciously left that part of the evening to Boyfriend. (Minus the appetizers, which included this adorable little gem of a deconstructed veggie tray I found while heavily Pineresting.)


My task? The table.

After combing for and subsequently lamenting the lack of purple cloth napkins in the Indianapolis metropolitan area for a solid three days, finding the perfect dinner plates (our hand-me-down, mismatched dinnerware was fit for eight; our party was for nine) and a trip to the slightly scary Dollar Tree for cheap glassware, I finally figured out the table design…an hour and a half before our guests arrived.

photo 3
The table, 5pm.

So while Boyfriend handled this:

photo 4

I did this:

photo 1
The table, 6:30pm.
photo 2
Bows and ornaments!

table setting

Ah, Christmas.

In all, it was a great night with friends (and games! We played games!) – and I think my dirty Santa gift (Mitt Romney toilet paper and a bendable, movable Jesus figurine) was a hit. I didn’t do very well at taking photos (um. We were playing games.), but here are a couple to tide you over:

Lovely Friend Michelle. Her dirty Santa gift was a bag full of Asian cooking things. (Get it? Because she’s Asian?)
Friends Michelle and The John Montgomery. And Preston, moments after I accidentally stepped on him. He still loves me.

Still not in the Christmas spirit? Give this little jingle a listen:


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  1. Your table is pretty, like the color scheme! And I really like the bows and ornament bulbs as the napkin ring and place cards.

  2. Excellent party! The place settings were even cooler in person!

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