sadly, that’s a wrap.

This weekend was one big Christmas celebration, and I couldn’t have been happier.

We kicked things off with an Italian-cuisined dinner party on Friday, then woke up Saturday for a Christmas brunch party (FYI: brunch parties are so the new dinner party. Best idea ever.), where our host and hostess had this adorable display in their bathroom. (Is it creepy I took a picture of their bathroom? Probably. Ah, Christmas.)

photo 1

Lots of mimosas (I think we killed eight bottles of champagne?), a nap and some Christmas shopping later, and we were off to a Christmas cocktail party, complete with macaroni & cheese bites, shrimp and vodka shooters, an upside-down Christmas tree (really angry I didn’t take pictures of that) and a piano-top booze station.

After all that Christmas cheer, I obviously couldn’t let today go un-holidayed, so I went Christmas shopping…again.

I know you know I love Christmas shopping, and it seriously makes me sad to be finished with it each year. I checked my family and Boyfriend off my shopping list some time ago, so when I asked Boyfriend how much more he needed to shop for his family and he Grinchly growled out something to the effect of, “Can you just take care of it?”, I happily skipped out the door and didn’t look back.

After all, after you buy Christmas gifts, you get to wrap them.

More than once over the past few weeks, I’ve sad aloud that I wished I had more presents to wrap. When I’m sitting on the couch watching TV after work, I’ve seriously started to feel a void in my life when I don’t have gifts to cover in pretty paper, ribbons and bows.

I started this holiday season off with a few rolls of Christmas wrapping paper leftover from later year and bought a small pack of gold and silver paper (to match the tree, obviously) to get me through this season. I love wrapping accessories, but let’s be honest – I’m also kind of cheap (except when it comes to presents), and if I can spend money on gifts instead of paper, that’s probably a smarter decision.

Until I happened across this little nugget yesterday.

photo 3

Four rolls of wrapping paper? And big bows? And ribbon? And name tags (that I usually omit and just write on the gifts in silver or gold Sharpie)?

It was a Christmas miracle. A Christmas miracle.

(Also: Shame on you, Target. You know me too well.)

So after today’s shopping adventure, I delighted in busting opening that fresh, happy, festive, brightly-colored wrapping paper pack and quickly taped, ribboned and bowed the newly purchased gifts.

But it wasn’t until I surveyed our already gift-packed dining room table (we can’t put them under the tree until Christmas morning, or Preston will chew off the wrapping paper in fits of rage while we’re at work) that I realized: The presents wrapped in last year’s wrapping paper looked a little dismal, while the others coated in the bright, shiny, colorful paper from this year looked so…happy. Like they completely understood the festiveness of the Christmas season. Like they couldn’t wait to jump off our dining room table and into the waiting, open arms of the lucky recipients.

I felt a knot forming in my stomach. It was like I gave someone an old hand-me-down t-shirt as a Christmas gift. Or I wrapped a new gift in a nasty grout-covered shower curtain. They looked so sad. I knew their feelings had to be hurt.

Last year’s wrapping paper. Last year’s crinkly, wrinkly, faded wrapping paper.

…and I knew was sad that I didn’t have anymore presents to wrap. What was I going to do for the next week and two days with no more presents to wrap?

And then time started moving really slowly (as it frequently seems to do when I’m about to make a questionable decision).

And, before I could stop myself, I started unwrapping the gifts in last year’s wrapping paper and rewrapping them.

I unwrapped and then rewrapped already wrapped presents so I could wrap them in the new wrapping paper.

I really need Christmas to get here already so I can stop wrapping things.

photo 2

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