my 25th best year yet.

So many people start off the new year with some kind of statement like, “I’m gonna make 2013 my best year yet!” or “This is MY year!”

Which makes me wonder: Do you always start off the year thinking it’s going to be super-de-dupery fantastic and then you realize by the end that it wasn’t all you hoped for? Or are you always searching for perfection, some kind of that-was-great-now-let’s-make-it-better guy or gal? Or is your only true wish for your life to become more and more enjoyable with each passing day?

I hope for everyone’s sake that it’s the latter. But I have to say, and rather pessimistically, I realize, that I assume it’s generally one of the first two options.

Personally, I’m really looking forward to what’s going to happen in 2013. But for a second, I’d like to take a quick look back on the fantastic – and not so fantastic – things that happened last year.

– 2012 started off a little shakily when Daddy found out all in one afternoon that his neck pain was really blockage in his heart. Two days later, he underwent quadruple bypass surgery. It was a rush and a long road, but he came through with flying colors (and, hopefully, better eating habits. Ahem, Daddy.). Another good thing? It was a solid reminder of all the strong, supportive, kind, caring people in our lives.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 8.00.11 PM

– In March, Mama had to get knee surgery. Bad side? I’m sure it hurt. Good side? Family bonding time, and our introduction to Downton Abbey. Which is about to come back for season three, hollllla.

– I tackled nail art. I wasn’t great at it, but I attempted.

photo 3

– Mama had a pacemaker put in (yes, 2012 was Surgery City for the Shaners), which solidified my terror of genetic heart issues. But it means longevity, which is quite the blessing.

– Big Sister and I worked on our verticals.

photo 3

– I took on a hair challenge. And then started doing tutorials for My Best Friend’s Hair.

– I started running and subsequently finished my first half-marathon.

– I took nearly two weeks off for the holidays and didn’t work one bit.

– Boyfriend and I played my new Wii for four days straight and, through teamwork and friendly competition, it actually strengthened our relationship.

– I drank lots of wine.

– I spent time with friends and family.

– I took thousands of photos of Preston.

– Oh, and I started a blog.

I’m excited for 2013, but I can’t discount the greatness of 2012. So my wish for the new year (and for all of you) is that every year is your best year yet.

Happy new year!


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  1. Love this post and love having you in my life. My 27th was a great year and you helped make it that way. xo

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