my super official 2013 resolutions.

Well, we’re already 11 days into the new year, and I’ve been about 50/50 with my 2013 resolutions so far. I’ve been hesitant to share them with you, because – let’s be honest – that means someone besides Boyfriend can hold me (gasp) accountable.

But obviously that’s what I need, as, like I said, I’m kind of half-assing them so far.

So here goes.

Hannah’s Super Official 2013 Resolutions

1. Work out 4-5 times a week; run 3 times a week.

This guy’s the one I haven’t been putting much effort (read: any effort. As in, I haven’t even looked at my running shoes since New Year’s Eve…whoops?) into because I’m one of those gym snobs (yes, for the gym I just joined a month ago) who gets annoyed at all those people who only work out for two weeks in the month of January after making their super ambitious resolutions and then avoid it like the Bubonic the rest of the year. So I’m really just waiting for them to break their resolutions and give me back a treadmill. That counts as an excuse, right?

Why yes, I do realize how hypocritical that sounds. Thanks for noticing.

Moving on.

2. Complete at least two half-marathons this year.

My 11-day slacking aside, I’m really excited for this resolution. As you probably know (if you don’t, read this, please. Please?), I started running last summer and completed my first half-marathon in November, the Indy Monumental. This year, Big Sister and I have been discussing running a half someplace fun – in Dallas with my cousin is an option, in San Diego with Boyfriend’s brother and sister-in-law is on the table…so many races, so many choices! We’ll see where the year takes me, 13.1 miles at a time.

3. Stop using credit cards, stop spending money on stupid things and save $6,000.

I really don’t clothes or shoe shop that much anymore (Mama, don’t have a heart attack – it’s true.), and whenever I do, I generally end up returning at least half of it because I feel guilty for spending the money. You might think of me as a serial returner – and I have the tagging gun to prove it.

Yes, you read that correctly. I purchased a tagging gun from Amazon so I can retag clothes I purchased and return to stores. Don’t judge me, I know you just wish you’d thought of it first.

Anyway, I tend to do the most damage on things I know I don’t need at Walgreens and Target or quick runs to Marsh (it’s so close to our house but so much more expensive than Kroger) on my way home from work in the evenings. I finally realized how much those Essie nail polishes ($8, seriously?), hair accessories, scented candles and overpriced produce added up, so my resolution is really to stop making those after-work pitstops, follow my monthly budgets more closely and dedicate more money each month to my hungry savings account.

4. Stop feeling pressure to blog 3-4 times a week.

I love blogging, I do. But I also love writing for the My Best Friend’s Hair blog, and I think I’m going to start contributing to another local blog, twentysomethingindy. And, you know, I have this thing called a job. And a boyfriend. And a puppy. So please forgive me in advance if my posts sometimes happen to be slightly sporadic – I’d rather blog when I want to (and, you know, when I have something worthwhile to say) instead of when I feel like I have/need to and then just poop something out. So you’re welcome, really.

5. Go to church every Sunday for two months.

This is Boyfriend’s and my resolution together. Throughout our relationship, we’ve gone through cycles of religiously (pun intended or happy accident?) attending church, and then cycles of always finding something to do instead (usually sleeping). The two-month time limit is to (hopefully) get us into the routine of always going, no excuses.

I fully expect setbacks on all of these resolutions, because hey, I’m human. We all are (…right?).

And it’s my personal philosophy that if you try to be so super strict about everything – dieting, for example – and deprive yourself of everything “bad” all at once, you’re only setting yourself up for failure. So let’s make 2013 another year of greatness, of striving for happiness and trying out some new behaviors along the way.

How are your resolutions stacking up?


Add yours →

  1. Great resolutions! I’m sure you can stick with them! (The re-tagging gun? Genius. I usually just shop at Kohl’s where they don’t care if you rolled in a grease pit and then burned the tag in a fire, they’ll take ANYTHING back for a full refund. I’m a guilty shopper, too. Unless I go to The Limited and get 40% off, then I feel like I win at life.)

    I feel pressure to blog every day, too. I feel like if I go a weekday without, I’ll see a drastic drop in readership. But that’s a lot of stress to produce good content and a lot of times I feel like I’m just, as you said, pooping something out just for the sake of posting. I know when my posts aren’t strong and it’s a terrible feeling. Maybe I should adopt this goal, too.

    And church? Yes, the hubs and I were on a roll with it when we first got married, then we started sleeping in because we need sleep like druggies need crack, and we just never got back into the swing of it. I personally don’t think that going to church makes you a Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car, but I know that I feel energized to be a better person and feel more at peace when I go every Sunday. I’d love to hear about how this resolution strengthens you and Boyfriend as both individuals and as a couple!

    I just wrote a book in your comments section. Sorry. (Not sorry.)

    • I’m definitely not sorry. 🙂

      I have to believe your readership outnumbers mine in droves, but that note aside, I realized I was schlopping random crap up there just because I felt it had been “too long” since my last post. I totally admire your stamina for daily posts and never think you’re a schlopper, but I needed to tell myself it’s okay to blog when I want to blog and because I want to blog.

      I completely agree with your assessment of church going. It really does refresh my outlook on life and helps focus us. I’m trying out the choir this week, so we’ll see how that goes! Hopefully it’ll help us meet more people at the church we’ve been attending, too, and give us more of a reason to keep up the routine. 🙂

      • You’re trying out for the choir!? That is so amazing! I had no idea you could sing or had aspirations to sing in public. That’s so awesome. I love singing and did the whole choir thing in elementary school (My 4-girl ensemble placed first at a regional competition. No big deal or anything. *discretely slips on stunna shades*). My gal pals and I played music together in high school and even won our category at a talent show, but then something terrible happened to me as an adult that translated into crippling stage fright. I admire you so much for auditioning. Please keep us all posted!

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