30 nails in 90 days: #1.

Well, friends, it’s time for another challenge. While last fall’s 30-day hair challenge went well, it’s time to switch things up a bit.

So bring on the nail polish.

Though I’ve seen 30 nails in 30 days things before, I’m not quite on that level of ambition. (Not to mention – what a waste of polish and remover.) The frequent nail painter I am, I’ve come to realize the life cycle of a decent at-home polish job is in its prime for about three days before something starts to chip – hence the 90-day time stamp.

So here goes.

The rules.

1. Complete and blog about 30 different nail styles in no more than 90 days. While I’ll try to do a new style every three days, that part isn’t set in stone (i.e. if one style is four days from the last one, I have to make up the time somewhere along the way).

2. Each style must be at least somewhat different, whether in design, detail or color.

Aaaand that’s it. Let’s get started!

Nailstyle #1: Teal to blue ombre.


pink ombre nails

Glamour and The Beauty Department both give step-by-step tutorials on ombre nails, but I’ve tried TBD one before and failed. Miserably. During last night’s Countdown to the Red Carpet on E!, however, Ali Fedotwosky’s nail person gave her look the using an eyeshadow applicator instead of a makeup sponge.

In a word, brilliant.

My take.

Milani Fresh Teal and Essie Coat Azure

I started with a layer of base coat (I used Sally Hansen Double Duty) and then a single layer of Essie’s Coat Azure. After letting it dry, I poured some Milani Fresh Teal onto the slick side of a business card. Using an eyeshadow applicator, I gently dabbed the teal onto the top of my nail until about the middle of it. After the teal dried most of the way, I finished it off with a single layer of quick-drying top coat (my go-to is Essie’s Good to Go).

Insider’s tip: If you mess up or cover too much of your nail with the top color, pour a little of the base color onto another business card and dab the middle of your nail (with a new eyeshadow applicator) until you get your desired blend.

The result.

blue and teal ombre nails

It’s a little hard to see because the colors are so close, but it actually worked! Which means…we’re off! Bring on the suggestions.


Add yours →

  1. I love this! My current employment doesn’t allow much for creative manicures, but I’ve recently discovered entire boards on Pinterest dedicated to just cutesy manicures as such. I repinned lots of them myself if you’re on there as well. The chevron style has been popular as of late too! Good luck! 🙂

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