30 nails in 90 days: #8.

Last week, I was told about a little gem called Julep, who has some pretty fantastic nail polish colors. It’s one of those programs where you can pay a monthly fee and get a box of polishes mailed to you each month – which, who doesn’t love coming home to beauty products, right?

Anyway, they recently ran a promotion with Pretty Indy, so after using their promo code, I got my first box of polish for a penny (plus shipping).

NOTE: As of now, there’s NO expiration date on this promotion. So take the style quiz on julep.com and enter promo code PRETTYINDY.


So after a weekend at Big Sister and Brother-in-Law’s, this little guy was waiting for me to return:

julep maven

It’s nail polish! Hand-picked for me and my “Maven Style” (I’m Boho Glam)! In pretty packaging! Delivered to my door!

In other words, heaven. It’s complete heaven.

So naturally, I had to try it out right away. Which brings me to…

Nail style #8: Julep’s Toni.

The polish.

julep maven toni

Even the bottles are pretty, right? Anyway, Julep’s Toni is this gorgeous mauvey-purple color that’s perfect for this gloomy Monday.

The result.

julep maven toni

Happy sigh. I’m trying to avoid doing too many solid colors for this nail challenge, but I can’t wait to try my other new Julep color…so you can probably guess what #9 will be.

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