30 nails in 90 days: #16.

Nail style #16: Purple with gold striping tape.

My striping tape came in! My striping tape came in!

nail striping tape

I bought a pack of 10 colors of striping tape ages ago and finally discovered they were taking forever to come in because the shipper was from China. Whoopsie.

Anyway, they finally came in last week, which is the inspiration for #16.



My take.

covergirl outlast vio-last

I painted all of my nails with two coats of Covergirl Outlast in Vio-Last.

photo 2

Once they were completely dry, I used gold striping tape for the horizontal lines, clipping them to fit the width of my nails with cuticle clippers. Then, I finished with a quick-drying top coat to help adhere the tape to my nails.

The result.

purple and gold nails striping tape

My only complaint with the tape is that it didn’t stay on very well, especially on my thumbs. But at least it looked good while it lasted.

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