30 nails in 90 days: #24.

Nail style #24: Dark ombre with a peacock accent.


While tooling around on Pinterest, I came across this little guy:


My take.

I painted my ring finger nude (Essie Sand Tropaz), then my pointer fingers, middle fingers and pinkies in Essie Butler, Please. My thumbs are Sally Hansen Golden-I.

photo 3

To make the ombre, I poured some black polish (Essie Licorice) onto a plastic surface (I used my nail polish placemat…shiny business cards work, too.) and dipped a clean eyeshadow brush into it. Then, I dabbed the black onto the tops of my nails, thicker and top and thinner toward the middle, to create the ombre.

For the peacock accent, I followed that photo pretty much exactly. After a few attempts, I scrapped the accent on my right hand and just painted it solid gold, like my thumbs.

The result.

ombre nails with peacock feather accent - hannahshaner.com

What do you think?


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  1. You’re a pro… You should get a part time job at one of those little nail salons! It could support your addiction 🙂

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