p90x: week 2.

If you weren’t aware, the “x” in P90x stands for “extreme.”


Like super extreme.

We’re doing the “lean” version (meaning we don’t want to bulk up a ton), but it’s still extremely extreme. Workouts six days a week plus running three times a week, plus focusing on eating better, (Please disregard my pretzel stick and tortilla chip carb loading today. I was weak. Minded, that is.) plus no alcohol.

It’s a challenge for sure. An extreme one.

We’re almost finished with week 2, and I’m still mostly in a mental state that’s somewhat reminiscent of starting on New Year’s resolutions. I’m tired – muscles and mind – but I’m still into it mentally. I imagined skipping tonight’s workout (legs & back, my absolute least favorite workout, plus ab ripper X) for about a millisecond – and Boyfriend was game to postpone – but then we’d have to make it up on Sunday, our only rest day.

Ain’t nobody touching my rest day.

Anyway, although we’re just 11 days in, I’ve noticed some highs and lows so far. These are those.

The Pros

  • We’re finally working out consistently and with purpose, and have a guided program (and an app that even tracks reps! And reminds us we have workouts to accomplish, like we could ever forget!) to stick to.
  • A coworker today told me I’m already looking more toned. He’s now my favorite person at the office.
  • Boyfriend and I have an aligned hobby and goal, which makes it easier to be motivated – and we’re each others’ biggest coaches.
  • I’m drinking a shit ton more water.
  • Working out so much makes me want to eat healthy so I don’t feel like I’ve completely undone my hard work. And I’m cooking! (Hard to believe, I know.)
hummus and roasted veggie pizza
Hummus & roasted veggie pizza. Ah-MAZ-ing. And I made it! Recipe here.

The Cons

  • It’s a huge time suck. Huge. By the time we get home from work, workout and shower, it’s 8 or 8:30. By the time we make and eat dinner, it’s close to 9:30, so we basically just collapse into bed. Not much time for a social life, at least through the week. (But pro on that note – it keeps me from being tempted to drink!)
  • I’m hungry. All the time. (Note earlier carb load.)
  • I’m tired. All the time.

But we must press on! Only 79 more days to go.

p90x day 1-7


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  1. You look great! Keep it up you cahn dooo eeeet

  2. Cindy Dashnaw (@cdashnaw) July 18, 2013 — 6:28 pm

    Wow! You can really tell the difference in just 7 days. Nice work, you two! Now let’s have photos of the bf!

  3. I completed the P90X program. Well worth it. Had a crazy craving for sugar develop that was like crack. In the first month I made my biggest gains. I got too comfortable and didn’t push myself as much so it kinda tapered off. Diet is key.

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