p90x, week 3.

This past weekend, Boyfriend, Big Sis, Brother-in-Law and I did the Color Run, and while it was SUPER fun, a week of green hair post-race is most certainly not. Note to blondes: Wear a hat over a wig over a shower cap to protect your hair. Not joking. I Dawn dish-soaped my hair about three times (once with baking soda sprinkled in), and still had to just end up going to my stylist for highlights. And it’s still slightly tinted green.

It ain’t easy being green. Or pretty. (Sorry, Kermit.)

Some of my fave action shots:

color run indy 2013

But seriously. Green hair = no fun.

Anyway, we’re almost through with week 3 of P90x (only 10 more to go!), and I’m actually feeling pretty good! Last week, I felt super tired all the time, but this week has been better. I haven’t lost any weight yet (and I’m also eating a ton more than usual), but I definitely notice a change in my body and toning, which is more of what I’m looking for anyway.

It’s still a challenge, but I’m finding I:

  • Love the shoulders and arms workout (I never used to really work out my chicken wings, so it’s really cool to see them actually looking like normal person arms!).
  • Am getting better at yoga.
  • Hate working out my legs. Seriously, lunges = the worst thing ever invented.

A few photos for you:

p90x transformation, week 3p90x transformation, week 3p90x transformation, week 3p90x transformation, week 3

And so we continue on! Only 72 days left.

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  1. I did The Color Run in Indy too. My friend told me that she was able to get all of the color out of her clothes easily — I have no idea how, because all of my stuff is stained now!

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