p90x, week 4.

Finally, a slower week. (Workout-wise, that is. Everything else-wise, not so much.)

Every fourth week, our P90x workout changes things up so we don’t get super burnt out, which I appreciate. So this week we took it slower, and have been focusing on yoga, kenpo (a karate/kickboxing thing), core and cardio.

I’d like to proudly announce I can now hold the crane position (or crow, depending on whom you’re asking. Big Sister, for example.) for approximately three seconds before smashing my face into my mat.

Progress, folks.

yoga crane position

Overall, I’m feeling stronger, leaner and more flexible. I haven’t lost any weight, but I see a difference in toning, and I’ve dropped a jeans size. Holler!

p90x progress - day 25p90x progress - day 25

Onward and upward! 65 days left!

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