i’ve been too busy for you.

Ohhhhh, hey. Been awhile, huh? Hey, I’ve been busy. Don’t give me that look, it’s true. Incredibly busy, doing things like…


Haha, psych! We totally fell off that bandwagon after about day 40. When we started training for our half-marathon (that Boyfriend is doing with me! Yay!), we planned to scale back our p90x workouts to 3-4 days/week and use it as a cross-training method.

Then, you know, life happened. Sorry, Tony Horton.


photo 1

Training for a half-marathon.

This one, thankfully, we’ve kept up with 100 percent. My longest run so far is nine miles (last Saturday). Eight felt fantastic, then nine felt like I was dying. But so it goes. One more month(ish), and we’ll be crossing the finish line! (Boyfriend most likely way before me. He’s mucho faster.)


photo 4

Getting bangs.

photo 1-1

…then dying my hair.

I loved it at first but am kind of in the “I think I hate it” stage, so we’ll see where that one goes.



Making smoothies.

Because Boyfriend surprised me with this super amazing smoothie maker blender thing for NO REASON.

photo 2


And (impatiently) watching Big Sister’s bump grow.

Because there’s a baby! In there! Growing!

leslie bump 9.25


See? Totally busy.

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