advocare recap, day 1

As I told you recently, I’ve started a new challenge. The Advocare 24-Day Challenge, to be specific. So here’s how the first day went.

Day 1

– 1-2 Sparks

– Fiber drink

– OmegaPlex supplements w/dinner

– Herbal cleanse supplements at bedtime


photo 1

30 minutes before you eat breakfast or lunch, you have the option to take a Spark, their version of a natural-ish energy drink. It’s actually pretty delicious (I like the Fruit Punch a smidge better than Orange), but beware the mint toothpaste/fruit juice clash if you’ve just brushed your teeth. Oof.

On Day 1, I can’t say I felt much of a burst of energy from the Sparks, but it wasn’t like a Red Bull where you crash a few hours later, either. And I didn’t really feel like a mid-day nap, so maybe that’s saying something?

Recap: Sparks taste good but not with toothpaste; don’t give you tons of energy (so far), but keep you awake, it seems.

Fiber Drink

photo 2

The first three days of the challenge have you drink the world’s worst-tasting and worst-textured fiber drink thing that tastes pretty much like mulched tree bark served in a gelatin-like form. Even worse, it’s a like a kind of quicksand that thickens by the millisecond if you don’t chug it immediately upon shaking it together – thankfully my consultant warned me about that prior to starting the challenge – but I have to imagine you’d be spooning it out like Jello if you were to let it sit on the counter for more than a minute.

Recap: Fiber drink is mulched tree bark Jello quicksand. Chug, don’t drink.

Meals & Water

For meals, I followed the book pretty closely: protein at each meal with a complex carb (read: nothing white/processed) and veggie and/or fruit; small snacks between each meal.

I also just about drank my weight in water, which means I peed at least 15 times during day 1 and even had to get up to pee THREE TIMES in the middle of the night. I like feeling hydrated, but gosh, overkill?

Recap: Plenty of food, a shit ton of water. A catheter overnight wouldn’t be horrible.

Supplements & Sleep

photo 3

The OmegaPlex didn’t leave any lasting impressions on me as far as I can tell, but I don’t think I’m a huge fan of the Herbal Cleanse tablets. I took them around 9:45 and went to bed at 10:30 or so, but then woke up wide awake at 11:15 feeling dehydrated (which caused me to drink more water which caused me to keep having to pee. Endless, vicious cycle.). I woke up again around 2am and then was WIIIIIDE awake from 4:45 until about 6am, which was not awesome at all. This morning, I woke up when Boyfriend did at 6:50 or so, again feeling pretty dehydrated. I think the Herbal Cleanse tablets are supposed to help get toxins out of your body, but I don’t really like being super thirsty or having neon yellow pee as a result.

Recap: OmegaPlex are fine; Herbal Cleanse not so great.


I’d been slowly working some p90x workouts back into my routine and until Day 1 had been sticking to arms and abs routines. On Day 1, I did the legs and back workout, which was difficult to do because 1. I haven’t in forever and 2. my right leg is smaller/weaker than my left on account of being in a boot for two months. I got about 45 minutes through the workout before I was completely exhausted and started feeling a little light-headed, which could be attributed to the fact that 1. it was hard and 2. I was working out at 5pm and hadn’t eaten since 2 or so. I hope it isn’t a side effect of any of the supplements because that would just suck.

Recap: Don’t wait three hours after eating to exercise.


I didn’t feel too bloated or anything during the day on Day 1, but I had so much water in my system at all times I felt kind of sloshy all day. I also didn’t look or feel bloated at all when I woke up this morning, which was nice (sans being super thirsty). Adequate energy so far.

1 down, 23 to go!

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