advocare, days 4-7

If you haven’t been following along (rude.), I’m in the midst of the Advocare 24-day challenge. (Here are my recaps on day 1 and days 2-3, if you need to catch up.)

Days 4-6

We thankfully get a break from the horrrrrrible fiber drink for days 4-7, and only have to take two tiny probiotic restore pills in the morning instead. That was the only change in supplements from days 1-3, so eating and exercise habits were about the same.

As I mentioned at the end of my Days 2-3 recap, I woke up on Day 4 feeling pretty stellar. So much more energy and focus, but more than that, I felt more motivated to get things done (work, working out, stuff around the house) than I had in a loooong time. Days 5 and 6 were the same – I seriously got SO much done work-wise and house-wise, I at one time joked to Boyfriend that Advocare (and especially the Spark energy drinks) could be nature’s (ish?) version of Adderall.

But really.

I’ve been a good girl and haven’t weighed in since Day 1, so I don’t know what/if any weight or inches I’ve lost – and it could also be due to me  slowly starting back up on p90x workouts / hadn’t really worked out since November on account of my broken foot and lack of motivation – but my stomach definitely looks and feels flatter, and I feel better overall. On Days 4-6, I woke up feeling happy and energized and ready to take on the day – which is a pretty fantastic way to wake up.

Day 7

…then the Super Bowl happened.

Day 7 also happened to be Boyfriend’s birthday, so after church, we went over to his parents’ house for lunch and the Big Game. Then the guys (Boyfriend, his dad and two of his brothers) decided to do men things like shoot their guns at a shooting range, and Boyfriend wanted me to be able to shoot his gun if something were to ever happen, so I came along.

I was pretty terrified, not going to lie.

I’d never shot a hand gun before. Truly, my only gun shooting experiences previously were whatever kind of gun you shoot to hit clay pigeons (or, in my case, attempt to hit), pretend shooting a fake gun when I played Annie Oakley in Annie Get Your Gun, and Duck Hunt.

After watching a safety video, we put on our protective eyewear and earplugs and went into the range. If you’ve never been to a range before, it’s loud. Like, really loud. And the sound of gunfire isn’t really cool – it’s actually pretty scary. While the guys put up their paper targets and got out the bullets and whatnot, and with all the gunshots going off around me, I honestly thought I was going to cry or have a panic attack or something.

And then I shot a gun.

After learning how to load it and shoot it, I still think guns are pretty scary, but at least now I know I can hit a target approximately two out of five times.

So…that’s something, right?

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Anyway, once we got back to Boyfriend’s parents’ house, I was really in need of a glass of wine. And it was Boyfriend’s birthday, after all.

So we cheated a teensy bit. I mean, it would have been unAmerican to not drink or eat yummy appetizers during the Super Bowl, you know?

When I woke up this morning (Day 8), I was pretty annoyed with myself that I’d let myself cheat that much. I woke up feeling irritated, bloated and extremely thirsty – the complete opposite of what I’d been feeling (minus the thirst…I’m always thirsty/having to pee) the previous days when I’d stuck to the cleanse.

So I guess that means I’ve learned my lesson. Ah, well. Only a few more days left of the cleanse before moving onto phase 2!


photo 1


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  1. I just finished the 24-Day Challenge. You can do it and it’s so worth it!

  2. The 24 Day Challenge worked amazing wonders to my body, haha! How did yours turn out?

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