things are about to get windy.

Guys, I have an announcement to make.

Boyfriend and I are off to the land where it’s practically illegal to put ketchup on hot dogs (like I’d eat a hot dog, though. #ew.), where thin-crust pizza is basically a sin (sigh. I do love some thin and crispy crust), where roller skates and Twinkies and Cracker Jacks and malted milkshakes and the remote control and pinball were invented, where Walt Disney was born, where Oprah lives, where the president’s from, where the first skyscraper was built.


That’s right, I’m talking about the home of one of the last free zoos in the world and Harrison Ford and Pat Sajak, the setting of Home Alone and Home Alone 2 (the only ones that count) and Ferris Bueller and Sixteen Candles and My Best Friend’s Wedding and While You Were Sleeping, the city where nearly a quarter of SNL cast members got their start.


You’ve probably caught on by now. If you haven’t, Google something I just mentioned. (Here, try this link. Or this one. Or this one.)

Friends, Boyfriend and I are moving to the Windy City, Second City, the City of Broad Shoulders (really not sure on that one, but if the Internet says it’s true…).

That’s right. We’re moving to Chicago.


Boyfriend is joining back up with his family business, which right now is in the business of franchising Sky Zones (or Tramp Zones, as Boyfriend’s cousin calls it. Which sounds like an awesome place to bring children, right?). So we’re currently in the process of finding a place to live, me finding a job in the city, moving our belongings and so on. A lot of things are unknown at this point, but what kind of adventure would it be if we knew every single detail?

So here’s to our next adventure! And if you have suggestions of things to do or people to see or want to give me a job, feel free to do those things (emphasis on the job one) in the comments below or one of the other many ways to contact me.

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