that time i didn’t post for ten months.


When we last left off with our heroine of the story my life, Boyfriend and I were moving to Chicago so he could join in the new family venture, Tramp Sky Zone. Oh, how things have changed since then.

Here’s the Cliffnotes version:

March 2014

  • I had ACL repair surgery one week prior to our big move to the city. Tearing, repairing and rehabbing an ACL is not a fun venture. Do not do it. (Reminder on that whole saga here.)
  • Boyfriend and I moved into an expensive shithole in Chicago, even though Sky Zone Elmhurst is in the western burbs because we wanted to be cool like that.

April 2014

  • Boyfriend became Fiancé. Here’s the tale of our proposal, accompanied by our official “omg we just got engaged five minutes ago and have been taking excited selfies since then until we could finally agree this one was Facebook-worthy” photo.
  • I stopped freelancing out of the house and started doing marketing for SZE; Fiancé took over operations of the park.
  • “Sky Zone Elmhurst” and “Fiancé & Hannah” became synonymous.
  • Fiancé and I wanted to slit our wrists became increasingly fed up with our daily commute, which was anywhere from one to three-point-five hours a day. Much arguing and an subscription ensued.

July 2014

  • Fiancé and I gave up and moved to the burbs, where our commute shortened to fourteen minutes roundtrip per day.
  • Fiancé took over as GM; I took over ops. (See what I mean? Work = life.)

November 2014

  • I became Chief Talent Officer of our soon-to-be growing portfolio of Sky Zones; Fiancé became Regional Manager. We started hiring a management team to replace us.

December 2014

  • We welcomed our second child. Meet Dexter.
  • Fiancé & I stopped going to the park (aka SZE) every day and discovered there actually still is daylight during the daytime.
  • Fiancé & I decided it was time to move back to Indy.

…and here we are. Of course, those were just the milestones. Somewhere in all of that, I nearly died many times over in physical therapy (possibly a tad overdramatic. It hurt, okay?); I somewhat started planning a wedding (much, much more to go on that front); my mama got married; my future-niece-in-law (the second cutest child in the history of the universe) was born; Fiancé dressed up like Buddy the Elf; my nephew (the first and most cutest child in the history of the universe) turned one; we began the struggle of finding a place to rent from 200 miles away; we began the struggle of deciding whether we should rent or buy a home; and we rang in a new year. Time flies, amiright?

I realize that, not having posted since I told you about our big move to Chicago, it’s basically like we never left. But we did, and while we did some pretty great things in the Chi, we’re pretty pumped to be coming back to the Circle City. (Even though we just switched our drivers licenses over to Illinois about two months ago and now will have to switch them back…and probably redo that whole written test thing. Awesome.)

What’s next, you ask? Hey, thanks for asking. But I think that’s enough for one day.

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