the perfect watch for an indiana summer. {product review}

Remember that one time I was contacted by a (real, live) company to write a (real, live) review?

This is that. (Review, that is.)

Full disclosure: Before I was contacted by JORD, I had absolutely no idea wooden watches were a thing.

Turns out they are. And turns out they’re pretty dang badass.

jord watch review

The first badass thing about JORD watches? The packaging. This isn’t your typical velvet-lined watch box – these things are packaged in intricately designed wooden (makes sense, right?) boxes engraved with their logo. And even the lid’s cool – it doesn’t open on a hinge, it slides out from the top, totally unexpectedly.

Sold, right? (And you haven’t even seen inside yet.)




Next up: The look of the watches. I mean, you can’t tell it’s made of wood just by looking at it, can you? (Correct answer: No, Hannah, you sure can’t!)

Another full disclosure (lots of honesty here tonight, folks): Immediately after receiving the email from the JORD team and immediately prior to googling “JORD watches,” I had a brief “Oh God, what should I expect?” moment. I mean…a watch…made of wood? I was flattered to have been contacted to review a product, but did I really want to slap a fourth grade craft hour popsicle stick of a timepiece on my wrist and write about it?

Thank Jesus I was wrong. (And possibly…overreacting?)

The watch I chose (pictured above) is the Fieldcrest model in Maple (like, the tree? Get it?). The oversized, minimalist face is so on fleek (did I use that right?), and the chainlink (woodlink?) band only adds to its effortlessness.


And now for a quick self-asked and -answered, photo-accompanied FAQ section.

jord watch review

So…how does a wooden watch feel?  

Much lighter than you’d expect.


jord watch review

But Hannah, what would I wear a wooden watch with?

…Clothes? Not clothes? Basically anything. Some models (as in types of watches, not people modeling them) on the JORD website seem sportier, some fancier. Especially because of its color, my Fieldcrest model is super ideal for summer – and I’ll be wearing mine a lot. But whatever floats your boat, kid.


jord watch review

Will my puppy like me while I’m wearing it?



Conclusion? Get. One. Now. And I’m not just saying that because I got one for free to review it – they’re seriously great. Lightweight, stylish, at a good price point. Highly recommended by this (new) reviewer!


JORD provided me with a watch for this review. All opinions and photos are my own.


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  1. We saw some beautiful watches when we were in Kauai made out of Koa Hawaiian wood. I remember thinking the concept was weird, but they go with everything and are so cute! Love yours.

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