burn, baby, burn.

Hi, my name is Hannah and I have a new addiction.

(Hi, Hannah.)

A few weeks before Christmas, I was strolling the aisles of Michaels (never a good idea) and happened upon their section of wood: painting wood, whittling wood, making clocks out of wood, etc.

And then I saw it. The section that would change my life Christmas season forever.

Wood burning.

Not sure what wood burning is? Think of wood. Then think of burning it. By George, you’ve got it!

In all honesty, I figured this would be another one of those hobbies I tried out paid a stupid amount of money for only to abandon a few weeks in. (See Advocare & p90x.)

But alas, I’ve at least made it far enough to open a shop on Etsy this time.

SO. Forget wherever it was that we last left off here and truck it on over to my new shop. (Please? SERIOUSLY PLEASE?)

To completely toot my own horn, I’m not all that disappointed with some of the stuff I’ve created so far, and I’d love to take on your next custom project.

Wood………….n’t you like to see?

(See what I did there?) (Yes, I’m embarrassed too.) (It’s something I have to live with.)


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