{review + giveaway} this one’s for the boys.

A month or so ago, my friends over at JORD reached out to me to review one of their new watches. While I was initially bummed (read: DEVASTATED) it was for their men’s line, Husband was pretty stoked. And, fine. Whatever.  I guess it’s time (omgwatchpuns) to let him have his day and all that.

So! Here we go.

Like my first review, the packaging of JORD men’s watches is pretty spectacular. I mean, the boxes have a WOODBURNED LOGO…so…you know.



JORD has just come out with its new Conway line, the company’s first chronograph watch for men. Basically, it’s a regular display watch + stopwatch – and evidently, most chronograph watches on the market don’t even actually work. Ya learn something new every day, right?

Hubs had his pick of styles, and his eye for fashion chose a style in Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood. And if that doesn’t scream fantastic, I just don’t know what would.



Sure it’s his watch, but it’s my blog. Amiright?? Anyway, Here are the top three things I like about it:

It’s versatile.

I’ve bought Hubs at least 2-3 watches over the years, so I like to think I know a thing or two about men’s styles. Most contemporary watches I’ve seen for guys are either brown or black, which really limits your ability to wear them depending on your wardrobe choice. They also tend to be more on the “dressy” side and look strange when you try to pair a leather timepiece with shorts and sneaks. The Conway is different, though. With striped Zebrawood (Striped? Zebra? Get it?), Conway watches aren’t dependent on clothes, and they honestly look good dressed up or dressed down – which means it’s something Hubs would actually wear.

It’s seasonally ambiguous.

If you live in Indiana (or the Midwest in general), you understand just how bipolar (tripolar? quadripolar? quintipolar?) weather can be. Just ask this chick. So if you’re tired of a watch collection that suffers from seasonal affective disorder (is that really a thing?), JORD’s Conway watch line is for you. Now, I’m the kind of gal who will pair a sweater and scarf with peep-toes booties, but Hubby isn’t quite on that level. Wood watches look great in any season and with pretty much any kind of clothing.


It’s puppy (and life) friendly.

I’m about to drop a knowledge bomb: Wood isn’t gold.


It’s crazy, but it’s true. But what I’m (slowly getting to the point of) trying to say is that JORD wood watches are a better fit for lives on the go (like dog training – have I mentioned we do Hubs does that now? More later.) than the “special occasion only” watches I’ve bought for Hubby in the past. And if it’s even hard just to find time to hang out together, how in the world does someone have the time the change their watch three times a day?


So now you know: When it comes to watches, wood is where it’s at. And if you’re already hooked, it’s your lucky day. Now through April 23, I’m giving away a FREE Conway watch! Just fill out this form and you’re entered to win.

[INCREDIBLY important side note: Anyone who submits that form automatically gets $25 + 15% off your Conway purchase. So even if you’re the unluckiest person alive, FILL. OUT. THAT. FORM.)


And hey, I don’t discriminate. For my ladies (or my gents who are partial to another style), use code hannahhivo2h at checkout for 15% off your JORD purchase.

JORD for Ladies | JORD for Gents


Disclosure: If you couldn’t tell, JORD provided me/Husband with a watch for this review. All opinions and photos are my/our own.

Watch Gift Ideas


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