I’m Hannah, an Indianapolis-based blogger, writer, marketer, wife & puppy mother, and the brain (fingers?) (as in typing?) (that sounds kind of gross?) behind scribbles&glitz.

I believe in making jokes, making lists and making up words when the situation calls for it (which it so often does). I believe crosswords should be done in pen and the oxford comma should be avoided, though pretty much all other types of punctuation are fair game (when used correctly) (especially parentheses) (yes, this is a trend with me).

I believe, contrary to (very upsetting) news, hugging absolutely does not stress out my puppies. I believe in eating carbs, and that peanut butter should be accompanied by either oatmeal or bacon.

I believe in drinking coffee until it’s time for wine.

I prefer fiction over non, and I’d rather tell you about a new song than you tell me. I like the idea of things like contouring and extreme sports and landscaping and having clean carpets much more than I’d actually care to do them or have them in reality.

I only know cardinal directions when driving in a city that’s on a grid system, or when the sun is in the midst of rising or setting. I wish I was better at (and had more patience for) gardening, and I wish bras weren’t a thing because really.

I so much wish ABC would cancel Grey’s already so I can stop watching, because it won’t be long before I’ve given half my life to Meredith et al, and I’m growing increasingly jealous that Cristina got out when she did, and seriously is Seattle the new Gotham City* or something because how can every single disaster (natural and otherwise) occur in one town and with such frequency?

I dislike birds, unnecessary capitalization and movies based on books that don’t do them justice.

I’m pretty sure I think I’m much funnier and a much better singer than what I actually am (no, Hannah, omg you’re so great stop it), and I believe that life is best when lived in exaggeration.

But that’s just me.




*Is this a good reference? I don’t know about these things. Google, help.


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  1. I love you most because you avoid The Real Housewives of ANYWHERE.

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